Piraten International

Pirate Parties International

Current ordinary members of the PPI are Pirate Parties of:

Former ordinary members

  • Ireland – was a founding Member of PPI, dissolved in March 2011 and was declared a non member by the CoA in June 2012. The new PP-IE can apply again for the PPI Membership at any time.
  • Australia – PP-AU left PPI in February 2015
  • UK – PP-UK left PPI in February 2015
  • Iceland – PP-IS left PPI in May 2015
  • Canada – PP-CA left PPI on July, 24th 2016
  • Serbia – not existing any longer – 2017
  • Denmark – dissolved in 2017

Observer members


 V. Observer Members
 (1) An applicant that does not meet the criteria for Ordinary Membership may be 
 granted Observer Member status by the General Assembly.

Current observer members of the PPI

Former observer members of the PPI